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Buying New Construction

Buying a new construction home in Fayetteville NC can be a lot of fun, and there are plenty to choose from here in the Fayetteville area! I would like to share some tips and tricks on the subject.

First off, you should know that, builders know what the homes should be priced at they have done their job on that topic… So as far as negotiating the price goes, it doesn’t, for the most part – but you certainly can give it a try!  What that means is, usually what the home is listed for is what it is going to sell for.  One reason that you as the home buyer should be happy about that point is that they are trying to keep the prices of the homes in that neighborhood at a certain level… If they sell cheaper then when an appraiser does his next appraisal and sees that a home sold for less then that home is probably going to appraise for less.

Now with that said I will tell you that they are willing to give you “concessions” for buying the property, that is GREAT news! What does that mean to you the buyer? There many different things that you can ask for depending on what is important to you! For example new homes do not typically come with a refrigerator, so you can ask for that to be included in the price.  You may ask them to pay all or some of your closing cost, that in itself is a great deal for you less money “out of pocket” to get a brand new home! You may negotiate a privacy fence for your new back yard or blinds for the windows! Sounds pretty good, right!?!?

Now when I tell you about some of the things that people “ask” for, and I have only hit some, remember that you probably wont get ALL that you ask for… What I like to tell my clients once they have decided on the neighborhood that they would like to live in here in Fayetteville NC and they have decided on the home they would like to buy, is to remember through negotiations that you are buying a home.  It is important to remember that because sometimes it is easy to loose sight of the big picture.

What do I mean by that? Lets say that you have asked for closing cost, refrigerator, and a fence…. The builder says they will do closing cost and the fridge but no fence.  I know you would like that fence but remember the reason you started was to buy a home not a fence, and even though we asked for it didn’t mean we were going to get it, right?

Through the years I have watched people on all sides of a deal loose out on the house of their DREAMS because of something they really didn’t care about in the beginning. Remember there were times in sellers market that the seller didn’t give a dime for the buyer to buy and as the buyer you needed a good amount of cash to become a home owner.  In today’s times it is so much easier to realize the American dream of owning your “piece of the pie” and that is a great thing!!

In closing I would like to say that builders are in this business to make money, as in every business. And they make it SO much easier in Fayetteville for buyers to come to the closing table with little or no money to close.  In real estate EVERYTHING is negotiable… I just want you to remember to keep your eye on the ball so that you don’t regret loosing out on that home of your dreams for something that really, in the long run, wasn’t as important as the big picture….the place to call your own!


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