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Where to Begin on Your Adventure Into Home Ownership…

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Where to Begin on Your Adventure Into Home Ownership…

Where to start when you begin your adventure into home ownershipBuying a home in Fayetteville NC

I have been asked twice today by first time home buyers here in Fayetteville NC “where to start?”…

My first comment “your off to a great start because we are talking”, finding a great real estate agent to lead you through the process is key! There are so many things that need to be thought out before you get in the car and go to look at homes and you real estate agent will help you through those steps.


  • What type of loan are you going to use? VA. FHA, conventional, USDA, etc?
  • What lender are you going to use to get your loan?

*If you are planning to use your VA eligibility you are NOT getting your loan from VA they only backing your loan you still have to get pre approved by a lender


  • What area of town do you want to live in? Does driving distance to work play a big role in that?

These are just a few of the many things that you real estate agent will help you navigate through when purchasing your first home here in Fayetteville NC!

So where do you start? With a GREAT real estate agent that will listen to your wants and needs! The McKinney Realty Group will be there every step of the way…call us today at 910.644.0222