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What Does Buying a Used Car in Fayetteville Have to Do with Buying a House in Fayetteville? Everything!

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What Does Buying a Used Car in Fayetteville Have to Do with Buying a House in Fayetteville? Everything!

What does buying a used car have to do with buying a home? Everything!

Team work to get you the house of your dreams

I have lived in my current home almost 9 years, quite the record for me and my family! To top it off we built this one, so what I wanted at the time I had them add it, I didn’t have to “find” it….

Which brings me to used cars.  All of my adult life I have been blessed that when I wanted a new car I would go to the dealership and tell the salesman what I wanted and they either had it on the lot or they would find it or order it and I would come back and pick up my car. (Not quite that simple but you get the picture)

 I am in the market for a used car, why used at this time you ask? Well, there are many reasons… I do not want to pay new car prices for the vehicle that I am looking for and I have a specific budget for this purchase.  I know exactly what I want and need, finding it, well thats what started this story!

 I have been looking for WEEKS for a F250 or F350 with a crew cab, long bed, diesel, 2008 or newer and I am always a “day late and a dollar short”, as my Mother would say…. I have found them for the price I want to pay but by the time I find them they are SOLD! I have talked to some salesman and some seem interested in helping me find my needle in a haystack and some act like they do, but really have no interest. The frustration level had reached an all new hights with the whole thing!

 That got me thinking about the average consumer looking to buy a home… As a Realtor I help people find what they are looking for all the time, it might be a 50,000 foreclosure because thats all they can afford and it could be a home worth a half a million dollars or more.  I have done them all and find pleasure in all.

Keys to your new homes

When looking for a home it can be just as trying! Yes, if you have the budget and time you can build a home that fits what you are looking for….but what if you don’t? What if you want a neighborhood that has mature landscaping and big trees? There are SO many reasons that you would buy an existing home over new construction.  If you have a list of things you need in your new house it can also be like finding a needle in a haystack!

 Do I beam with pride as that single school teacher gets the keys to her first home, a home that cost less than a lot of people pay for a new car? YES!! It is what she wanted to spend, that she could spend, and now it is hers!!

 How about that executive that just spent a half a million dollars on a home to relocate his family to? Yep LOVE them also…SO glad I could be a part of it!

 The point?? Customer service should be the same weather I am buying a 25,000 used car or a 60,000 luxury car.

For the clients of the McKinney Realty Group we are going to give you our BEST service whether you are buying your first home at 50,000 or your next home at 1,000,000!  Buying a home is a dream that everyone dreams and we are thankful when we are chosen to navigate that adventure with you!


Call us today at 910.644.0222 we will be there for you every step of the way, we like finding that needle in a haystack!