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Veterans Day: How to Celebrate it at Home

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Veterans Day: How to Celebrate it at Home

Yesterday, we as a nation celebrated the lives of those who sacrificed for our freedom. For this was not handed down to us without a cost. Tears, sweat and blood flowed and lives were lost, just for us to live as free men and women. What a great day it was to celebrate liberty in our land!

This day is too great to be commemorated for a day, don’t you think? So here are some ways we can continue t0 celebrate its significance at home:

  • Have the kids draw or make an art project about the bravery of our soldiers.
  • Make a meal with the Veterans Day theme. It can be a cake with the American flag design, sandwiches like the picture above or a simple fruit arrangement with a picture associated to patriotism.
  • Bring the family on a field trip to the nearest military base, museum or historical place.
  • Read a story on the lives of our Veterans.
  • Watch a video on love of country.
  • Challenge the kids to write a piece on why they appreciate freedom.
  • Know someone who served before? Thank him/her.

These may be just simple ways to remember the selflessness of what the few gave so many can enjoy it today but its the thought that counts as the old saying say. Let’s make our homes be a center of affection and action.

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