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Termites, A Pain In Your Wood!

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Termites, A Pain In Your Wood!

I was at a home this morning for a Termite inspection.  I was talking with the inspector about the amount of damage that termites can really make of your home, your investment.  Here in North Carolina Termites are a BIG problem!  I always talk to my clients about the importance of keeping a termite contract on their home.  Purchasing a home is probably the largest investment that most people make.  You keep hazard insurance, sometimes flood insurance, etc.  I look at the Termite bond as being just as important as any of these insurances.

When you keep a termite bond on your home it protects you in the event that your home gets infested with Termites.  Depending on the coverage that you have they will treat the home forTermites at no extra charge and fix the damage that has been done.  

My friend once had a termite infestation at her home, a very expensive home I might add.  The company that she was under bond with at that time came and treated and thought they had fixed the problem.  One morning she got up and she had Termites SWARMING in her foyer!  In her case the Termite company returned treated the house AGAIN and repaired the damage done to the home at no charge to her.  Had she not kept the home under Termite bond who knows what the expense would have been to treat and repair the damage??

I always remind my clients as we are walking out of closing to put the Termite company at the top of the to do list and get it done!  They will thank me for it later….

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