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Buying a home in Fayetteville NC

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Where to Begin on Your Adventure Into Home Ownership…

Where to start when you begin your adventure into home ownership I have been asked twice today by first time home buyers here in … [Read more...]

Buying a New Construction Home in the Jack Britt School district?

Buying a new construction home in the Jack Britt School district? Here are some numbers you need to know... This graph represents the … [Read more...]

Sandy Says: What we can learn from Hurricane Sandy

Yes it's been months since Sandy afflicted many American homes, but its dilemma haunted many homes until now. Many lives were lost and many … [Read more...]

Veterans Day: How to Celebrate it at Home

Yesterday, we as a nation celebrated the lives of those who sacrificed for our freedom. For this was not handed down to us without a cost. … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Home Buying

A lot of people settle to renting homes than buying because aside from the fact that it may be challenging financially, it can also be … [Read more...]

Why Fayetteville???

Fayetteville, North Carolina is the haven of nature's beauty and rich history both summed up together within 149.526 sq mi. of bounty. It is … [Read more...]

Tips to Buying a Home in Fayetteville NC

Tips to Buying a Home in Fayetteville NC "Home sweet home." "There is no place like home." I don't know if you agree with me but when it … [Read more...]

Are you into Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. - Winston Churchill As the whole world chase perfection, it changes almost … [Read more...]

Autumn’s HOT AND SPICY Deals!

Our homes are selling fast! Hard to catch up on what's left and what's sold? Here's a quick look on our homes which are still available for … [Read more...]

Buying a New Construction House in Fayetteville NC

Looking for a new construction home in Fayetteville NC and the surrounding area? Looking at new construction homes in Fayetteville NC can … [Read more...]