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Sandy Says: What we can learn from Hurricane Sandy

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Sandy Says: What we can learn from Hurricane Sandy

Yes it’s been months since Sandy afflicted many American homes, but its dilemma haunted many homes until now. Many lives were lost and many families are still on the brink of getting back up again to what was normal. We have seen the videos and pictures on the calamity it brought. We watched it on TV, read it in the news and maybe some of us even helped at some point those who were affected by it.  The catastrophe affected many of our fellowmen. It was said to be a “perfect storm” of the decade.

This makes us pause and reflect, what lessons can we learn from Sandy that its devastation will not happen again? What is Sandy saying that will benefit our families today and the future?

Let’s hear what Sandy says…

Sandy says PLANT – Even if some of us will not be able to see our trees fully grow, the next generation can always benefit from it. Plant fruit trees so you can also benefit and enjoy its nutritious fruits. Plant to have something hold the ground.  What’s also good to find a home with mature trees already like the homes in this link.

Sandy says PREPARE – When the news alerts are up make sure you have the necessities for the storm. The list will include canned goods, bottled water, flash lights, whistle, etc.

Sandy says COMMUNICATE – In our time of social media now, it is important to not only be aware of the threat but to also be updated and update others. Post in Facebook, tweet in Twitter and other social sites pictures and information that can help others.

So what is Sandy saying? When something like her comes along soon? Have a long term and short term plan but also be interactive in the process.