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One Thing I Really Hate About Real Estate…..

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One Thing I Really Hate About Real Estate…..

The One Thing I Really Hate About Real Estate….

Melissa McKinneyI really do care about my clients and their feelings.  Tonight I had to make one of those calls that we all hate to make….

The buyer for my listing is pulling out of the contract…. So my seller will not be selling his home after all and he will NOT be buying that Dream Home that he and his family SO wanted.  Tonight I am sad for them, sad that they will not be celebrating this Thanksgiving in the home that they were planning.


OK now that I am done “whining” we are NOT going to let this get to us!! We are going to roll up our sleeves make everything perfect, do the repairs and be ready for the next buyer!!  My seller WILL have his dream and I WILL make sure of it!!















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