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Home Inspections BEFORE You Put Your Home on the Market

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Home Inspections BEFORE You Put Your Home on the Market

Pre Listing Home Inspections…

I have spoke to many sellers about having a home inspection done BEFORE we get a buyer so that we can get the repairs done BEFORE the buyer gets a negative feeling about the home.  Most of the time when a buyer gets a home inspection done there are only minor things that need to be done, which is understandable.  


What if you have one of those homes that has a bigger problem lurking that you are unaware of??

Most of the time it sounds worse than what it is! But the problem that we now have is that the buyer “thinks” that the house is not good enough any longer and that get this nagging thought that there must be more.  Maybe it is some water damage to the sub floor in the bath from a leak that you had repaired years ago… But now the sub floor has discolored even more over the years and not as strong as it used to be.  The buyers have seen the pictures of what this looks like from the crawl space, now they are having nightmares about it!! This whole issue could have been solved if you would have just had the inspection done FIRST, had the repairs done FIRST! Yes, they would see that the repairs had been done but that makes them think you HAVE taken care of the house and your not trying to take them for a ride…

Rolling the dice

Sellers can we think like buyers and settle the problems BEFORE it is a problem for the buyer!

I know, I have heard it many times, “this house is in perfect condition nothing to be alarmed about here”. Guess what? These are the ones that DO have something lurking in the dark!

Are you willing to roll the dice?? Maybe lose that buyer that you waited six months for?? I’m just sayin………