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Home Buyers in Fayetteville NC

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Home Buyers in Fayetteville NC

Home Buyers in Fayetteville NC

What are you looking for in an Agent when you are shopping for your Fayetteville NC home? What do you think the most important characteristic that you would want in your Agent?

Melissa McKinney

1. Do you want someone that is going to always put your best interest above all other things?

2. Do you want someone who will take their time and show you as many Fayetteville NC homes as it takes for you to make an informed decision and NOT feel pressured? But someone strong enough to let you know if your going to miss out if you don’t act?

3. Do you want an Agent that has a GREAT website so that you can search for homes in Fayetteville NC in the middle of the night if you wanted to?

4. You do want your Agent to be an expert with the North Carolina real estate contracts and know how to negotiate in a professional manner to best benefit you?

5. Do you want your Agent to be present during your home inspection, at your closing, or anything else you may need while purchasing your new home?

6. It might sound like a silly thing but VERY important…. Do you want an Agent that answers their phone or gets right back to you if they miss your call?

7. Do you want an Agent that you can call well after your closing if you need something and they will still be available to you?

These are just a few things to consider when choosing your Fayetteville NC real estate agent! But IF you are looking for those 7 things mentioned and MORE please feel free to contact me or visit my website I WANT to be your agent before, during, and after the sale!