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Cavachon’s, Be Careful They Will Steal Your Heart!

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Cavachon’s, Be Careful They Will Steal Your Heart!

Cavachon is a designer breed… Half King Charles Cavalier and half Bichon Frise they are the most adorable lap dog you will ever meet!

Abby Yorkie

Bella Collie

I lost my sweet, ever-present Abigail about four years ago.  She was a beautiful standard size Yorkie…always with me, by my side whenever she could be.  Never thought I would love another dog like I did her.  We have other family dog’s…Bella, an absolutely gorgeous collie.  You will not find a smarter four-legged family member around.  She keeps the house running just as it should…and my husband is probably her favorite and the kids all fall in line after that.  Then there is “little Zoey” a four pound teacup Yorkie…she is definitely my sons dog, those two are stuck like glue for the most part!  So yes I love those two but not quite the same as I loved “my Abigail”.

Zoey Yorkie

I have a close friend that owns a King Charles Cavalier named Lady….Talk about a sweet dog with a personality like no other! I often would tell my friend if she would just let me have her I would take good care of her!! LOL!

I decided to do some research on the King Charles breed to see if they were all like Lady or if she was just a one of a kind…. Turns out that the breed in general is a great lap dog and very loyal to their people.  So I had just about decided that I had to have my own.  Then I stumbled upon a video from Dogs 101…

Saydee May Cavachon

It was about Cavachon’s, I was instantly in love!! all the traits of a King Charles with the non shedding coat of a Bichon…I just had to have one!!

I began my search, a very frustrating one at times! When I get an idea in my head I work at it until I get what I want!! I was going to find the perfect lap dog for me… I would find one call and she would already have found her home.  but I just kept looking…and then there she was! I knew I just had to have this sweet looking little black and white girl! Sure enough she was still available and I reserved her right away.

I had to drive to West Virginia to meet the carrier that would bring her from Ohio.  My husband was such a good sport, as he usually is when I want something 🙂

Saydee May is 9 months old now and I love her to pieces!! She is mischievous, loving, the best lap dog ever! She has been everything that I was looking for and so much more.  I have laughed at her countless times!! She sure has brought a lot of fun to the McKinney house and I am sure she will continue to for years and years to come!

Saydee May Cavachon

If you have been thinking of getting a dog and want a true lap dog the Cavachon is the dog for you! Now let me just say she is mischievous in the worst way but most of the time we just laugh at her because the things she gets herself into….

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Saydee May Cavachon

P.S. If you are looking for the perfect house for you and your four-legged family members in Fayetteville NC everyone at the McKinney Realty Group are pet lovers! Give us a call @ 910.644.0222