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Buying a New Construction House in Fayetteville NC

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Buying a New Construction House in Fayetteville NC

Looking for a new construction home in Fayetteville NC and the surrounding area?

Looking at new construction homes in Fayetteville NC can be a lot of fun… Thinking of what you are going to do to make that house your home is a very exciting time!!

Whenever I have a little free time on my hands, doesn’t happen often lately, I like to go to new construction neighborhoods and look at the homes. I like to know the inventory and what neighborhoods have to offer.

Since I look at homes ALL the time, and love every minute of it, it takes a lot to get my attention because I have seen it before, etc…

While I was out today viewing a few homes in anticipation of a new client coming this week that doesn’t have a ton of time I viewed a home that REALLY impressed me! It had a lot of extras that you don’t see too often in that particular price point (that is what caught my attention). This home has so many things that make it a little different than most spec houses that you see today and I think the value is wonderful!
Buying new construction in Fayetteville NC with Melissa McKinney 910.987.0567
Here is a photo of the master shower…taken with the new function in IOS 6, panorama, so please excuse the slight irregularities in the photo. I will get much better at that with a little practice.

If you like all the extras in your new construction home here in Fayetteville NC give me a call and lets go take a look. I will do my very best to get you the most for your money!! For me it is not just about the sale its becoming your Realtor for life!!

Give me a call or text me at 910.987.0567 and I will take you to see this wonderful house!! I hope I am the one that finds this houses new family to make it a home…Search the Fayetteville NC MLS for ALL homes in and around the Fayeteville area for FREE!

Here is some additional information about buying new consruction homes in Fayetteville that may interest you.

I l@@k forward to hearing from YOU!!