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Airborne Special Operations Museum Fayetteville NC

Airborne Special Operations Museum Fayetteville NC

Fayetteville is full of hero’s, ones who returned and many who did not…. If you are coming to our great city there is one place that you need to take the time to visit, The Airborne Special Operations Museum. This building stands for ALL that served!

Iron MikeAirborne

As you approach this grand building you will be greeted by the ever vigil “Iron Mike”. Iron Mike once stood guard at Fort Bragg till his move to the museum.

Iron Mike Plaque

Inside the museum you will find military history from as early as WWII till the military of today.  While in the museum you must try out the Airborne simulator… Me, no thanks, I have always been a little scared of even the thought! Although my husband was Airborne and loved it!

I can not possibly do it justice…. I will just urge you to take the time to stop by, you wont be disappointed!

If you would like you can visit the official Airborne museum web site.